Nucs 2018

Nucleus colonies are evaluated in late winter through early spring to ensure they are healthy and productive. Queens raised for nucs come from the same breeder stock as those sold individually. They are reared in late summer and given one round of evaluations before winter sets in. Starting in the spring queens are evaluated once again and are removed from the program if they fail to meet our standards.

Starter/finishers, mating nucs, breeder and drone mother colonies (bees, wax, and wooden ware) have never been treated with coumaphos, fluvalinate, amitraz, fipronil, antibiotics, Fumagilin-B or any other chemical concoction. Commercial wax foundation is also never used, only un-waxed plastic foundation or plastic strips. Plastic foundation is either coated with wax collected from our colonies or sprayed with a thick sugar syrup prior to insertion into the hive. Colonies are never fed high fructose corn syrup, only cane sugar (sucrose) if needed. Management practices follow strict CNG (Certified Naturally Grown) codes of operation.

Nucleus colonies are $160. Each nuc contains 5 frames of bees/brood/honey/pollen and an overwintered proven queen. Depending on the season, nucs should be ready for pick-up in April. This price does not include the box. There are two options available. One, frames can be transferred into your own equipment when you pick up the nuc, or you can purchase a new plastic ventilated box for $11 (Jester’s EZ Nuc). In the past, we have offered plywood boxes, but the cost is now too high for a one time use. The ventilated box is not to be used in the field but for transport only. It can also be used to collect swarms.

We are no longer exchanging the red or plywood boxes. If you have purchased one of these in the past and don’t want to buy another, just bring it and we will transfer the bees into that box.

Payment is due when you arrive to pick up your nuc(s) and we are only accepting cash at this time.

Contact me directly to order nucs at

Jennifer Berry with Nucleus Bee Hives (Nucs)

Jennifer Berry with Nucleus Bee Hives (Nucs)