Nucs 2019

Nucleus colonies are evaluated in late winter through early spring to ensure they are healthy and productive. Queens raised for nucs come from a selected breeder stock. They are reared in late summer and given one round of evaluations before winter sets in. Starting in the spring queens and the bees are evaluated several times and are removed from the program if they fail to meet our standards. We take great measures to sell you only a top notch, superior nucleus colony.

Starter/finishers, mating nucs, breeder and drone mother colonies (bees, wax, and wooden ware) have never been treated with coumaphos, fluvalinate, amitraz, fipronil, antibiotics, Fumagilin-B or any other chemical concoction. Commercial wax foundation is also never used, only un-waxed plastic foundation. Plastic foundation is either coated with wax collected from our colonies or sprayed with a thick sugar syrup prior to insertion into the hive. Colonies are never fed high fructose corn syrup, only cane sugar (sucrose) if needed. Management practices follow strict CNG (Certified Naturally Grown) codes of operation.

There are two ways we will be selling our nucs in the spring of 2019 and depending on the season, nucs should be ready for pick-up in April.

  1. Nucs in plastic Jester’s EZ boxes. Each nuc contains 5 frames of bees/brood/honey/pollen and an overwintered proven queen. Nucleus colonies are $190 which includes the price for the new plastic, ventilated Jester’s EZ Nuc box. The ventilated box is not to be used in the field but for transport only. It can also be used to collect swarms.
  2. 10 frame Nucs in a used, wooden Langstroth cypruss box, with lid, and bottom board. We will guarantee the box will have at least 5 drawn frames of bees, brood, honey and pollen, and a overwintered proven queen (just like our nucs above). The nuc will also include 5 additional wooden, undrawn plastic frames. However, if Mother Nature is being generous and the nectar flow is on , then the bees may have already started to draw out those frames as well. A bonus! There is no additional charge for that! These 10 frame boxes of bees are going for only $220.

In the past we offered to move frames of bees into our customer’s equipment. We can no longer provide this service. We understand some of you already have equipment and don’t want to purchase more, which is why we are offering the wooden box which can be used as a super. This may be an option that works for you.

Payment is due when you arrive to pick up your nuc(s) and we are only accepting cash at this time. We will help you to load bees, but there will be no time for internal inspections. We’ve already completed that the day prior to selling our bees to ensure there is a queen, 5 frames of drawn comb with brood, honey and pollen.

Disclaimer: Even though we take numerous steps and measures, above and beyond to ensure the health of our bees and queens, we do not (can not) guarantee that your colony (nuc) will survive once it leaves our farm. There are just too many variables that are out of our control once the bees are picked up and taken into your possession. We also do not refund any money for bees that abscond, swarm, die or do not survive for whatever reason. Thank you and I hope you understand our position.

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Jennifer Berry with Nucleus Bee Hives (Nucs)

Jennifer Berry with Nucleus Bee Hives (Nucs)