Queen Rearing Classes 2018

Queen Rearing Classes 2018, April 13th & 14th, and May 25th & 26th

Hello. The last three years we have taught 5 queen rearing classes and we, along with the students, have really enjoyed the experience. People from all over the country, and the world, have traveled to our little farm to learn about rearing superior queens. Over the years, I have traveled to other states, clubs and associations conducting queen rearing classes. Even though I have enjoyed this, there was always something missing in the experience for the students. Not enough bees, not enough room, not enough something, therefore because of this experience and the success of our classes here, I’ve decided to continue to teach queen rearing classes only at our farm. So what exactly will this entail?

1. Inside lectures detailing how to rear superior queens.

2. Hands on grafting instruction.

3. Hands on apiary work setting up grafting colonies, starter/finishers, mating nucs, along with how to select for queen and drone mother colonies, and finally how to mark and find queens.

A catered lunch, along with morning and afternoon beverages/snacks, will be provided both days by my friend and International Chef, Sam Glasson.  There will also be a wine and cheese social (Q & A) on Friday after the class. There will be two separate class dates for 2017, to minimize number of students and maximize amount of attention. The dates for class 1 is, April 13 & 14th and class 2, May 25th and 26th, both from 9am to 5pm. The classes are the same both weekends. Hopefully, one of these classes will work with your schedule. The cost for both days is $300 per student. Class size is limited to provide the best learning environment possible. No prior experience is necessary, just a love for bees.

The location is Comer, Georgia, 30629. Once signed up for the class I will give more specifics on location since apiary sites may change. Comer is located 24 miles northeast of Athens, Georgia. There are numerous hotels downtown Athens, I recommend the following.

Hotel Indigo (706) 546-0430

Hilton Garden Inn (706) 353-6800

Holiday Inn Express (706) 546-8122

The Atlanta airport is your best bet if you will be flying. And actually, even though it is huge, it is a very easy airport to navigate. The drive time from Atlanta to Athens (minus any major traffic) is around 1 1/2 hours. Then an additional 20 minutes to my farm from Athens.

If you are interested please send me an email at jennifer@honeypondfarm.com.

I will then give you further instructions.

See you soon.

take care