Breeder and drone mother queens go through several years of rigorous evaluations before they are selected. Traits selected for are tolerance to mites and diseases, gentle disposition, longevity, and excellent brood and honey production.

Starter/finishers, mating nucs, breeder and drone mother colonies (bees, wax, and wooden ware) have never been treated with coumaphos, fluvalinate, amitraz, fipronil, antibiotics, Fumagilin-B or any other chemical concoction. Commercial wax foundation is also never used, only un-waxed plastic foundation or plastic strips. Plastic foundation is either coated with wax collected from our colonies or sprayed with a thick sugar syrup prior to insertion into the hive. Colonies are never fed high fructose corn syrup, only cane sugar (sucrose) if needed. Management practices follow strict CNG (Certified Naturally Grown) codes of operation. naturallygrown.org

Queens remain in their respective colonies for a minimum of 21 days after they have begun to lay eggs to ensure successful mating has occurred. Queens to be sold are selected only if their brood patterns are excellent. Queens are never banked prior being sold.

We’ve decided to not sell queens in 2016. Our queens will only be available in the nucs that we sell.

Queen Bee from Honeypond Farm – Jennifer Berry

Queen Bee from Honeypond Farm – Jennifer Berry