Honey Pond Farm is a small, honey bee operation located outside Athens, Georgia, which specializes in raising queens and 5 frame nucleus colonies (nucs). It has been our goal, from the beginning, to concentrate on quality versus quantity and hence return to a gentler approach to raising bees in a more sustainable way which is safer for the environment, the bees and the beekeeper.

We are taking orders for the 2016/2017 season. We will only be selling full size colonies next year. They will include one deep box, with 10 frames of bees, brood, honey and pollen (and a queen), plus either another deep box or two shallows with honey (lid and screen bottom board as well). They will be ready hopefully in March 2017. This of course will depend on how our winter shakes out. Colonies of this caliber normally would go for well over $350. But we are selling them for $250 since the equipment is used, (but not the bees). This is an excellent opportunity for someone wanting to expand their bee business since they will be ready to split next spring, especially if you order queens no. For questions concerning either the full size colonies please email me at jennifer@honeypondfarm.com

Nucs, weather dependent, are usually ready for pick up in April. The pick up location is outside of Comer, Georgia which is about 20 minutes east of Athens. We do not ship nucs. If you are interested in purchasing a nuc/s for 2017, there is more information on the nuc page about our beekeeping philosophy, pricing and how to order.

Customer Testimonies:

These bees are NUTS!!! They are amazing!!  – Bill S.

The bees I got from you last year were so calm and mild and did so well in our area, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.  – NC

I bought a nuc from you last year, best hive I have. – NC

And, thank you for the great queen bee. . .we’ve crowned her Queen Sophia! – NC

Your queens are amazing! – NY

These great ladies took the prize as leading my most productive hive (of four) last summer. – NH

The queen you sent to me last year is going through the roof this spring! Only time I have ever added a super to a hive during the first inspection. John Snowdon – NH

She is a fabulous queen. Thank You! – GA

Thank you so much for the wonderful nucs I purchased from you this year. They are by far the best bees I have bought in six years of beekeeping.  They have been going gangbusters since day One and are overflowing with honey.  I am so, so pleased.  – GA

Your girls nearly filled a medium super of foundation in about 10 days. That queen and her girls are machines. I was able to work them with no smoke or a veil. Travis Bayne – SC

Your Bees Rock!!! Keep up the good work! – GA