Welcome to our Farm

Honey Pond Farm is a small, honey bee operation located outside of Comer, Georgia, home of the Honey Pond Whiskey Distillery. Our farm specializes in teaching beekeeping and queen rearing classes along with providing a healthy and sustainable environment for pollinators, birds, reptiles and any other 4-, 6- or 8-legged creature that finds their way here. It has been our goal, from the beginning, to allow this land to recover and heal. We have also returned to a gentler way of raising bees which is safer for the environment, the bees, and the beekeeper.

At this time, and for the near future, we will no longer be selling nucleus honey bee colonies. We do plan to continue teaching classes once the pandemic is behind us. If you are interested in a class, send me an email and we will try to keep you posted. Take care of you and your bees, Jennifer

Nucs, Full-Size Colonies, and Equipment

We are no longer taking orders for bees.


Jennifer Berry is the owner and operator of Honey Pond Farm as well as the Research Professional and Lab Manager for University of Georgia Honey Bee Lab.