How to Keep Bees Alive and Encourage Pollinators

Class dates - TBA

Over the years I’ve been involved in numerous “Beginning Beekeeping” classes, in which large groups of folks sit all day and learn about bees from a variety of experts. This is all well and good, however, for the beginner, there needs to be more of a “hands on” workshop in which the student spends the majority of the time working a colony and not sitting in a class room. Years ago we taught classes at our farm but had to put them on hold for a number of reasons, but now we are ready to start teaching classes again. We are also adding a section on planting pollinator habitat to the boot. Why?

Most if not all of our pollinators are in decline and need our help. However, I hear folks say they want to plant a pollinator garden but find it to be a daunting task. To start, going over seed catalogs and pollinator mixes can be confusing. What plant/s is best for our area, native or non-invasive, easiest to grow, will survive, somewhat deer-resistant and what plants are the best for our native wildlife? These are all questions we will help answer. We also want to share what we have learned so others may be inspired to create an environment that will encourage native flora and fauna to their land, whether small or large.

Below is a list of what you will be exposed to during this one day workshop at our farm.
  • how to approach, open and work a colony
  • what to wear, what not to wear
  • what equipment is essential, what is not
  • how to find a queen
  • how to assess a colony for disease, food stores, and queen issues
  • seasonal management
  • how and what to feed
  • where to place your hives
  • how to monitor and manage mites
  • what and how to plant to encourage pollinators and other beneficial insects

Lunch, beverages and snacks will be included. Cost for each student will be $100 and class size will be extremely limited to ensure each student receives personalized instruction.

Come as a beginner, leave a beekeeper

Dates and forms will be available soon.