2020 Classes

Queen Rearing 2020

1st class - April 17th & 18th
2nd class - September 25th & 26th

The last five years we have taught 9 queen rearing classes and we, along with the students, have really enjoyed the experience. People from all over the country, and the world, have traveled to our little farm to learn about rearing superior queens. Over the years, I have traveled to other states, clubs and associations conducting queen rearing classes. Even though I have enjoyed this, there was always something missing in the experience for the students. Not enough bees, not enough room, not enough something, therefore because of this experience and the success of our classes here, I’ve decided to continue to teach queen rearing classes only at our farm. So what exactly will this entail?
  1. Inside lectures detailing how to rear superior queens.
  2. Hands on grafting instruction.
  3. Hands on apiary work setting up grafting colonies, starter/finishers, mating nucs, along with how to select for queen and drone mother colonies, and finally how to mark and find queens.

A catered lunch, along with morning and afternoon beverages/snacks, will be provided both days. The cost for both days is $300 per student. Class size is limited to provide the best learning environment possible. No prior experience is necessary, just a love for bees.

The location is Comer, Georgia, 30629. Once signed up for the class I will give more specifics on location since apiary sites may change. Comer is located 24 miles northeast of Athens, Georgia. There are numerous hotels downtown Athens, I recommend the following:
  • Hotel Indigo (706) 546-0430
  • Hilton Garden Inn (706) 353-6800
  • Holiday Inn Express (706) 546-8122
The Atlanta airport is your best bet if you will be flying. And actually, even though it is huge, it is a very easy airport to navigate. The drive time from Atlanta to Athens (minus any major traffic) is around 1 1/2 hours. Then an additional 20 minutes to my farm from Athens.

If you are interested please fill out this form for more information.

How to Keep Bees Alive Bee Camp

April 4, 2020

Over the years, I’ve been involved in numerous “Beginning Beekeeping” classes, in which a large group of folks sit all day and learn about bees from a variety of experts. This is all well and good, however, for the beginner, there needs to be more of a “hands on” workshop in which the student spends the majority of the time working a colony and not sitting in a class room. This past year, we decided to open our farm and apiary to instructing beginners (or anyone interested) on how to keep bees alive and our first class was a huge success. The students really enjoyed learning all about bees, working colonies, having an instructor by their side and then some, taking home their first colonies of bees.

If you are interested in learning how to keep your bees alive in our one day workshop, here are a few things you will learn:
  • how to approach, open and work a colony
  • what to wear, what not to wear
  • what equipment is essential, what is not
  • how to find a queen
  • how to assess a colony for disease, food stores, and queen issues
  • seasonal management
  • how and what to feed
  • where to place your hives
  • how to monitor and manage mites
  • and finally, how to keep your bees alive
TThe one day workshop will be help April 4th from 9am-5pm. Lunch, beverages and snacks will be included. Cost for each student will be $100 and class size will be extremely limited to ensure each student receives personalized instruction.

Come as a beginner, leave a beekeeper

If you are interested please fill out this form for more information.