Welcome to our Farm

Honey Pond Farm is a small farm located outside of Comer, Georgia. Our goal, since purchasing the farm in 2010, is to provide a healthy and sustainable habitat for pollinators, birds, reptiles and any other 4, 6 or 8-legged creature that wants to call the farm home. Planting pollinator and native habitat, along with letting the land return to its natural state, has encouraged the return of many living things that walk, fly, crawl, hop and slither. Now we want to share what we have discovered so others may be inspired to create an environment that will bring native flora and fauna to their land, whether small or large. Soon, we will open our farm to those wanting to learn what to plant to encourage wildlife’s return.


Classes are planned for 2024 once someone graduates;) Please check back this summer. Thank you!


Jennifer Berry & Mark Davis are co-owners of Honey Pond Farm along with Soldier of the Sea Distillery located in Comer, Georgia.